What To Do With Toilet Paper Rolls?

One item that nearly everyone uses is toilet paper, and each roll has a cardboard roller holder that can be recycled in several interesting ways. With a little creativity, you can drastically cut down on cardboard waste?

Seed Starters:

Instead of paying for peat pot cups, simply cut the toilet paper tube in thirds, fill with potting soil, plant your seeds, and then once watered and the seed germinates, the paper will composte back into the soil.


Toilet Paper can be used around the end of a closet pole to help it spin freely. You can also add closet separators by cutting them into curved shaped pieces and placing them as dividers.

Arts and Crafts

Finger puppets can be easily made from toilet paper rolls. They are just the right size for a child’s finger, and you can make them as ornate as you wish. Add yarn or Spanish moss for hair and a golf ball for a head.

Picnic Napkin Rings: Only you will know that those fancy picnic napkin holders came from your bathroom http://toiletadvisors.com. Decorate them with wrapping tissue or even dyed toilet paper, glue on some sparkles or draw on the covering with a glitter pen, and you have a lovely ornate picnic table setting piece.

Holding dried flowers/herbs: If you have gathered some flowers or herbs from your garden and you need a neat place to store them while drying, simply poke a few small holes in the toilet paper tube, insert the herbs or flowers and hang them to dry.

Disposable Hair Curlers: If you want to try out a new curly hairstyle and don’t want to invest in a set of rollers, why not try out using toilet paper rolls? You can cut them to size and roll your hair into them, attach with a bobby pin or hair clip They are light and comfortable, even to sleep on! They won’t last as long as plastic curlers, but you will no doubt have a ready supply on hand anytime you need them.