Sewing Machine Cover Pattern


If you are into sewing, you have a singer sewing machine as it is the main material that you should have in the sewing industry. It is for this reason that extra care to your machine is needed especially when it is not in use. One way to maintain your sewing machine free from dust or other physical reason is by protecting it using a cover. In this article, we will look to inform you of how you can make pretty cover patterns for your sewing machine so that aside from protecting your machine, it would be pleasant to look at. You can make a simple pattern, or you can try out new more complex patterns.

What are the examples of Sewing Machine Cover Patterns?

There are very many designs and models of these covers some of which are discussed below;

Ruffled bottom covers

Sewing MachineThese are some of the most common sewing machine cover patterns. They not only have a beautiful grosgrain ruffle accented ribbon with a tiny bow but also they have a good looking handle at the top.

Outside situated pockets

What another make to consider is a sewing machine cover that has outside pockets. With these designs, you can use different materials from the original one, and you can add rick rack around the sewing machine cover edges.

Patchwork that are scrappy

Though this may end up making your sewing machines cover looking scrappy, it is a way of being different from the normal which is not a bad thing. This design involves using of ribbons to make straps that are later finished by binding them together. This leaves your cover looking good. There are many other designs to choose from like the assorted prints and reversible designs.


There are many ways to which you can make impressive sewing machines cover. Some of these ways are discussed above. So in case you are planning to design one for your machine soon, you can borrow a leaf from those available above.