Selecting a Office Chair For Back Pain

Working in an office involves sitting for long hours in an mesh office chair. Sitting for long may affect the structure in the spine. To avoid developing back problems, it is important to have an office that is ergonomic. It should also promote a good sitting posture while offering support to the lower back.

The Best Office Chair

There are many ergonomic and traditional office chairs that are available for office use. No chair can be considered the best, but there are important aspects to consider such as individual specific needs.


Seat height: The chair should be easily adjustable. The pneumatic adjustment level makes adjusting the seat easy. Any seat ranging between 16-21 inches from the floor will suit most individuals. It allows the person to keep their feet flat, thighs on horizontal position and their arms at the same height as the desk and browse on facebook.

Seat width and depth: It should be wide and deep enough to support the user comfortably. 17-20 inches is the standard width. The depth should be comfortable enough for the person to sit against the backrest. The back and forward tilting should be adjustable.

Lumbar support: The lower back support is an important aspect. The lumbar spine curve inwards when one sits for longer periods without support. It leads to slouching as the natural curve of spine flattens. A good office chair should offer lumbar support and adjustment to the user.

Backrest: It should be 12-19 inches wide. For separate backrests, they should be adjustable in angle and height. It should support the curve of the spine too.

Seat material: The material should have enough padding that makes long hours of sitting comfortable. Cloth fabrics are ideal as it breathes.

Armrest: The armrest should be adjustable. The arms of the user should rest comfortably allowing the shoulders to relax.

Swivel: it should easily rotate so that the user can access other parts of the desk without straining.