Sewing Machine Cover Pattern


If you are into sewing, you have a singer sewing machine as it is the main material that you should have in the sewing industry. It is for this reason that extra care to your machine is needed especially when it is not in use. One way to maintain your sewing machine free from dust or other physical reason is by protecting it using a cover. In this article, we will look to inform you of how you can make pretty cover patterns for your sewing machine so that aside from protecting your machine, it would be pleasant to look at. You can make a simple pattern, or you can try out new more complex patterns.

What are the examples of Sewing Machine Cover Patterns?

There are very many designs and models of these covers some of which are discussed below;

Ruffled bottom covers

Sewing MachineThese are some of the most common sewing machine cover patterns. They not only have a beautiful grosgrain ruffle accented ribbon with a tiny bow but also they have a good looking handle at the top.

Outside situated pockets

What another make to consider is a sewing machine cover that has outside pockets. With these designs, you can use different materials from the original one, and you can add rick rack around the sewing machine cover edges.

Patchwork that are scrappy

Though this may end up making your sewing machines cover looking scrappy, it is a way of being different from the normal which is not a bad thing. This design involves using of ribbons to make straps that are later finished by binding them together. This leaves your cover looking good. There are many other designs to choose from like the assorted prints and reversible designs.


There are many ways to which you can make impressive sewing machines cover. Some of these ways are discussed above. So in case you are planning to design one for your machine soon, you can borrow a leaf from those available above.

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What To Do With Toilet Paper Rolls?

One item that nearly everyone uses is toilet paper, and each roll has a cardboard roller holder that can be recycled in several interesting ways. With a little creativity, you can drastically cut down on cardboard waste?

Seed Starters:

Instead of paying for peat pot cups, simply cut the toilet paper tube in thirds, fill with potting soil, plant your seeds, and then once watered and the seed germinates, the paper will composte back into the soil.


Toilet Paper can be used around the end of a closet pole to help it spin freely. You can also add closet separators by cutting them into curved shaped pieces and placing them as dividers.

Arts and Crafts

Finger puppets can be easily made from toilet paper rolls. They are just the right size for a child’s finger, and you can make them as ornate as you wish. Add yarn or Spanish moss for hair and a golf ball for a head.

Picnic Napkin Rings: Only you will know that those fancy picnic napkin holders came from your bathroom Decorate them with wrapping tissue or even dyed toilet paper, glue on some sparkles or draw on the covering with a glitter pen, and you have a lovely ornate picnic table setting piece.

Holding dried flowers/herbs: If you have gathered some flowers or herbs from your garden and you need a neat place to store them while drying, simply poke a few small holes in the toilet paper tube, insert the herbs or flowers and hang them to dry.

Disposable Hair Curlers: If you want to try out a new curly hairstyle and don’t want to invest in a set of rollers, why not try out using toilet paper rolls? You can cut them to size and roll your hair into them, attach with a bobby pin or hair clip They are light and comfortable, even to sleep on! They won’t last as long as plastic curlers, but you will no doubt have a ready supply on hand anytime you need them.

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Selecting a Office Chair For Back Pain

Working in an office involves sitting for long hours in an mesh office chair. Sitting for long may affect the structure in the spine. To avoid developing back problems, it is important to have an office that is ergonomic. It should also promote a good sitting posture while offering support to the lower back.

The Best Office Chair

There are many ergonomic and traditional office chairs that are available for office use. No chair can be considered the best, but there are important aspects to consider such as individual specific needs.


Seat height: The chair should be easily adjustable. The pneumatic adjustment level makes adjusting the seat easy. Any seat ranging between 16-21 inches from the floor will suit most individuals. It allows the person to keep their feet flat, thighs on horizontal position and their arms at the same height as the desk and browse on facebook.

Seat width and depth: It should be wide and deep enough to support the user comfortably. 17-20 inches is the standard width. The depth should be comfortable enough for the person to sit against the backrest. The back and forward tilting should be adjustable.

Lumbar support: The lower back support is an important aspect. The lumbar spine curve inwards when one sits for longer periods without support. It leads to slouching as the natural curve of spine flattens. A good office chair should offer lumbar support and adjustment to the user.

Backrest: It should be 12-19 inches wide. For separate backrests, they should be adjustable in angle and height. It should support the curve of the spine too.

Seat material: The material should have enough padding that makes long hours of sitting comfortable. Cloth fabrics are ideal as it breathes.

Armrest: The armrest should be adjustable. The arms of the user should rest comfortably allowing the shoulders to relax.

Swivel: it should easily rotate so that the user can access other parts of the desk without straining.

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Why Pay Attention to White Noise Machine Reviews

If you are a parent of a young child, then you have probably discovered the power of white noise and just how it can block out the rest of the world when your little one is trying to sleep. You have probably discovered just how white noise can block out sound and help your baby to stay calm and content. If white noise is something that helps your little one to sleep – or if it is something that you need, yourself, in order to sleep – then you want to find a great white noise machine. You would like to find a machine that will give you the white noise that you are seeking for your little one or your own needs. When choosing a white noise machine, make sure that you pay attention to all available white noise machine reviews.

Why Pay Attention to White Noise Machine Reviews:

white noise machineWhen you are purchasing something like a white noise machine, you want to know that your purchase will be a smart one. You want to know that the money that you spend on such an item will be money well spent. Consider the available white noise machine reviews so that you know which machine will last a long time and work out well as you go into the future.

When you are choosing a white noise machine, you are looking for something that will help your little one sleep and something that will make your life easier. Consider all of the available white noise machine reviews, so that you can know which machine will be the easiest to operate. You are looking to simplify your life, and you want to find a simple machine.

Finding a great white noise sound effect machine is something that you can do, especially when you pay attention to white noise machine reviews.

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Buying vs. Leasing: Good and Not So Good Advantages of Each

There are two ways of acquiring a car. We are not going to discuss the chance of winning a contest or inheriting your uncle’s Corvette.

This is about the two most common ways. An individual may lease a car for a set term or the can purchase the car and make payments over a period of time.

With a lease car, other than oil changes, tires and the battery, pretty much everything is covered. When the leasing of cars first became popular, there was an extra bonus. Since most of the lease payment was interest, it could be deducted on by individuals on their annual tax return. The federal government soon put an end to that. Thus, the tax advantage is gone. You get the best car warranty when you lease it is something to keep in mind.

Leasing Companies Charge Fee For Returning Car

Also, some leasing companies charge you a fee when you bring the car in at the end of your lease. This amount can be $300, $400 or more. Read that fine print carefully because the company is making the consumer pay a fee for the purpose of returning the car. The fee does not cover any excess mileage on the car or excessive wear and tear. It is just another fee.

When purchasing a new car, you have to arrange financing. Most dealers are eager to do that, but if your credit rating is good, you might do better at your bank or credit union. Now, when you mention that you might go elsewhere for financing, the salesman and his manager may start offering some additional discounts or incentives. They may even throw in some extra time on the warranty. Examine the numbers very closely and, in fact, tell them you are going to take the numbers home and look at them in more detail.

Most dealers do not like that idea. They do not want you to leave the building without signing something. They may tell you they have another customer interested in the car, who does not happen to be in the building at the time. There may be some incentive that is going to expire at midnight. That is a real possibility. The people who sell the cars to the local dealers will offer extra incentives to the dealer for selling a given number of cars in a month. If the clock is ticking and you are the last man standing, ask about that possibility. It could save you some money, especially on a purchase. There seems to be less wiggle room a leased vehicle than a purchased vehicle.

The Value of The Trade-In

Now one point we have not covered is the trade in value of your existing car. You can check Kelly’s Blue Book or some other source and get a number. However, be aware that the value of your trade in goes up if you are looking at vehicle A and change your mind for and start eying the more expensive vehicle B, you can be assured the value of your trade will increase. The reverse can also take place. Start looking at a less expensive car, then the value of your trade-in will decrease. No one is saying there is anything wrong, it just one of those curious things that happen at the car dealer.

Also remember, after salesman convinces you that the car you are purchasing is one of the best on the road and the car you are driving is close to falling apart, you will still have to talk to the man who sells the warranties. That is a different story.

Buying or leasing a car is not something to do in a hurry. It would be good to shop around, but most people do not. So if you go to the dealer whom your Dad used to visit, that is all right. Just remember, Dad is not paying for the car this time.

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